Dump Bed Kits

Pierce Dump Bed Kits

Dump Bed Kits

The Pierce Universal Dump Bed Kits and Hefty Hoist kits are the perfect solution to convert your pickup into a hydraulic dump truck.  Make your work easier or turn your truck into a money maker!

Pickup truck dump bed kits include a Monarch 12V DC pump with a hydraulic fluid reservoir, hydraulic cylinder, controls and mounting hardware.  These items make for an easy transition to a dump truck.

Hydraulic dump bed kits are available in 2 ton, 5 ton, and 7.5 ton models.



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SKU: P046-UK
Universal Pickup Dump Kit suitable for use on '98 and older Fords, '87 and older Chev/GMC, '77 and older Dodge models
SKU: P0467MK
The Pierce 7.5 ton Hefty Hoist kit is designed for installation on 1 ton flat bed pickups. Dump hoist is also suitable for utility trailers.