Stanley breakers deliver more impact energy then pneumatic breakers for instance the Stanley BR67 70-lb class breaker delivers roughly the same impact energy as most 90-lb pneumatic breakers. Hydraulic breakers also provide long lasting performance with minimal maintenance requirements since the internal components are always in hydraulic oil.

Hydraulic Breakers offer:

  • No tool exhaust
  • Higher impact than comparably sized alternatives
  • Quieter operation than pneumatic tools
  • Hydraulic oil provides continuous lubrication of internal parts
  • Modular, re-buildable design improves serviceablity
  • Feathering ON/OFF valve to control speed and make initial tool placement easy

A general rule when ordering a hydraulic breaker to best fit your needs is to use 10 pounds for each inch of material. So a 40-lb breaker is a good fit for 4 inches of concrete and a 90-lb breaker would be used to break 9 inch concrete.

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Breaker Accessories:

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