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Cross 50 Series Motors

Cross Manufacturing

Cross 50 Series Hydraulic Motors

Cross Series 50 Gear Motors feature a gear tooth design with displacement sizes ranging between 1.52 and 5.20 cubic inches per revolution.  Cross motors are designed with pressure balanced loading plates to provide high volume flow and overall efficiency.  This compact design allows locating up to a 100 horsepower unit in a space less than 6 1/2" X 7" X 7 1/2".  Cross Motors in the 50 Series also feature side or rear ports to permit versatility for positioning the motor anywhere in your design system.  

A wide range of configurations are available when considering your Cross Motor.  Options are available in flow rate, porting, rotation, and shaft size and style.   Please give us a call at      1-800-823-4937 and we will help you select the hydraulic motor that is right for you.

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