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Double-Acting Telescopic Cylinders

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Double-Acting Telescopic Cylinders by Custom Hoists are manufactured individually to meet your specifications.  

Contact Northern Hydraulics at 1-800-823-4937 to ensure your cylinder is designed to produce right results the first time around!

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Typical applicatons include: refuse trucks, solid waste packers, stationary and mobile trash compactors, transfer and push-out trailers,

roll-off units, construction equipment and more. 


Item ## of StagesLargest Moving Stage Diameter







DAT63-313-118 3 6" 118.12" 58.50" 176.62"
DAT95-96-384 5 9" 383.88" 102.00" 485.88"
DAT96-83-456 6 9" 455.75" 106.88" 562.63"
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