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Drivers and Pullers

The PP10 is designed to remove flanged type sign posts and irregularly shaped posts up to 8 in. / 20 cm wide. It features an 8-inch / 203 cm stroke and a pulling force of 9800 lbs / 4450 kg. The PP10 uses two methods to solve post-pulling problems. For flanged posts, gripper jaws grasp the flange and for irregular posts, a chain is used. Pins on the end of the chain may be inserted into holes in perforated posts to keep the chain from sliding. The PP10 is furnished with gripper jaws and a chain with pins.
Stanley’s SD67 Hydraulic Spike Driver is rugged and lightweight for use in medium to heavy-duty spike driving. The Next Generation Stanley SD67 Series Hydraulic Rail Spike Driver now is equipped with a lower solid on-piece lower foot for heightened durability and performance. Bundled with these changes are the new brand color scheme and easy-ride leg guards for added comfort during operation. The SD67 series will continue to come equipped with anti-vibration handles for smooth tool operation and feathering on/off valve for added controllability. Rest assured, Stanley’s SD67 Hydraulic Rail Spike Driver leads the industry with 1,300 impact blows per minute for maximum performance and productivity in the field. 

Stanley’s SPL31 Series Hydraulic Spike Puller provides the ultimate in spike removal for all railroad maintenance jobs. The automatic dual-stage valve greatly reduces spike kickback to the operator. Spike extraction can be accomplished from any position making spike pulling simple and effortless.

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