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Enerpac E-Pulse-Series, Electric Hydraulic Pumps

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Enerpac E-Pulse-Series, Electric Hydraulic Pumps

The Enerpac E-Pulse drives high productivity through its innovative design. Smart controls enable the motor to maintain constant power providing higher flow than "traditional" 1/2 hp pumps. Adjustable speed control enables precision as required.

E-Pulse is designed for convenience. Features include a cord management system and integrated pendant control with a magnet that fits securely into the handle of the pump. The durable aluminum housing is designed to give easy access for serviceability. E-Pulse is the heart to any hydraulic system, ensuring high performance and providing ultimate convenience.

  • Smart controls enable motor to maintain constant power across the pressure range
  • Speed control with dial adjustment for precise operation
  • 24V DC power regulator minimizes effects of poor power supply
  • Six-piston block design provides even flow for smooth operation of tool
  • High-efficiency permanent magnet, direct drive motor enables continuous use and long service life
  • System components enclosed for protection
  • Built-in thermal protection
  • IP Rating: 54 on the Pump, 67 on the Pendant Convenience
  • Pendant and cord management system
  • Draining oil not required for pump element maintenance
  • Convenient oil fill port, oil level indicator, and automatic breather
Interactive Pendant
  • Operation, programming and diagnostics status provided to operator with yellow, green, and red LED as well as vibration pulses
  • Fault codes warn operators of any issues related to voltage, temperature, button controls, or if professional service is required
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