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Enerpac EAJ-Series, Aquajack Subsea Bolt Tensioners

Enerpac EAJ-Series, Aquajack Subsea Bolt Tensioners
  • Compact design
  • Long piston stroke
  • Misalignment compensation
  • Quick, simple hose connection
  • Visible piston stroke indication
  • 'No spill' overstroke elimination
  • Quick fastening or solid reaction nut
  • Tommy Bar included with Load Cell

Quick Fastening Nut Design
Easily positioned in poor visibility conditions, Aquajack® subsea tensioners feature a compact design and long piston stroke. The unique Split Nut® design of these tools allows rapid application to long bolts and damaged threads, and rapid tool removal.

No Oil Spillage or Over-Stroking
Innovative tool design ensures maximum tool strokes can be used without over stroking the piston or oil spillage. Guaranteed to save time and increase efficiency, Aquajack subsea tensioners improve diver safety, productivity and reduce diver fatigue.

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