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Enerpac flange spreaders use mechanical and hydraulic principles for separating flanges and can spread small, medium or large flange joints. Tool selection is made on the basis of the access gap between the flange faces, the flange size and the required scope of work. 


When you need to make cuts through heavy-duty bar, chain, cable, nuts and similar materials, look no further than Enerpac's broad range of cutters, shears and splitters. An extensive line-up of hydraulic, electric and manual cutters provides a quick, safe and cost-effective solution. Enerpac's cutters are built to handle industrial-grade materials on a daily basis. Like all Enerpac tools, each cutter is designed and built to last in tough working conditions for a safer, simpler and more productive workflow.

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Enerpac A-92 Duck Bill Spreader, 1-Ton RC Cylinder Attachment
$498.00 $423.30
Enerpac EBC20B Cordless Bar Cutter
$2623.50 $2229.98
Enerpac EBE-22B Electric Cutter Bar, 120V, 0.87" Material Diameter
$2925.00 $2486.25
Enerpac EBE-22E Electric Cutter Bar, 230V, 0.87" Material Diameter
$2925.00 $2486.25
Enerpac EBE-26B Electric Cutter Bar, 120V, 1.02" Material Diameter
$3857.00 $3278.45
Enerpac EBE-26E Electric Cutter Bar, 230V, 1.02" Material Diameter
$3857.00 $3278.45
Enerpac EBH-30 Hydraulic Bar Cutter, 50-Ton Capacity, 1.18" Material Diameter
$5462.00 $4642.70
Enerpac EBH-35 Hydraulic Bar Cutter, 68-Ton Capacity, 1.38" Material Diameter
$8458.00 $7189.30
Enerpac EBH-52 Hydraulic Bar Cutter, 121-Ton Capacity, 2.04" Material Diameter
$13170.00 $11194.50
Enerpac ECCE26B Electric Chain Cutter, 35.1-Ton Capacity, 120V, 1" Material Diameter
$6066.00 $5156.10
Enerpac ECCE26E Electric Chain Cutter, 35.1-Ton Capacity, 230V, 1" Material Diameter
$6066.00 $5156.10
Enerpac ECCE32B Electric Chain Cutter, 52.9-Ton Capacity, 120V, 1.25" Material Diameter
$8444.00 $7177.40
Enerpac ECCE32E Electric Chain Cutter, 52.9-Ton Capacity, 230V, 1.25" Material Diameter
$8444.00 $7177.40
Enerpac EDCH-130 Hydraulic Decommissioning Cutters, Maximum Blade Aperture 5.12"
$5495.00 $4670.75
Enerpac EDCH-145 Hydraulic Decommissioning Cutters, Maximum Blade Aperture 5.70"
$6828.00 $5803.80
Enerpac EDCH-170 Hydraulic Decommissioning Cutters, Maximum Blade Aperture 6.69"
$8351.00 $7098.35
Enerpac WHC-1250 Hydraulic Cutterhead, 20-Ton Capacity
$5151.00 $4378.35
Enerpac WHC-2000 Hydraulic Cutterhead, 13-Ton Capacity
$4562.00 $3877.70
Enerpac WHC-3380 Hydraulic Cutterhead, 3-Ton Capacity
$4323.00 $3674.55
Enerpac WHC-4000 Hydraulic Cutterhead, 8-Ton Capacity
$5712.00 $4855.20
Enerpac WHC-750 Hydraulic Cutterhead, 4-Ton Capacity
$2652.00 $2254.20
Enerpac WHR-1250 Hydraulic Cutterhead, 20-Ton Capacity, Double-Acting
$5708.00 $4851.80
Enerpac WR-15, 3/4-Ton Spread Cylinder
$1414.00 $1201.90
Enerpac WR-5, 1-Ton Spread Cylinder
$503.00 $427.55
STB221H Pipe Bender Set with Cylinder and Hand Pump
$9098.40 $7733.64