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Enerpac PACG-Series, Turbo II Air Hydraulic Pumps

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Enerpac PACG-Series, Turbo II Air Hydraulic Pumps

Turbo II air hydraulic pumps generate the hydraulic pressure you need using the air pressure you have available. The Air Saver Piston reduces air consumption and operating costs. They are ideal for providing the power and speed desired in simple clamping circuits. Turbo II air-hydraulic pumps are best suited to medium and lower cycle applications. At only 75 dBA, the Turbo II series helps to keep noise level to a minimum.

  • On-demand stall-restart operation maintains system pressure, providing clamping security
  • External adjustable pressure relief valve (behind sight glass)
  • Internal pressure relief valve provides overload protection
  • Reduced noise level to 75 dBA
  • Operating air pressure: 50-125 psi – enables pump to start at low air pressure**
  • Hydraulic to air ratio: 45:1
  • Reinforced heavy-duty lightweight reservoir for applications in tough environments
  • Five valve mounting options provide flexibility in setup and operation
  • Fully serviceable air motor assembly
  • User supplied valves

** NOTE: From 50-125 psi air inlet pressure. Performance is significantly diminished below 50 psi. Performance may vary compared to listed values due to seal friction, internal pressure drops and manufacturing tolerances. Be sure to allow some flexibility on air inlet pressure.

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