Common EOH Wiring Diagrams

Wiring diagrams are essential tools for understanding and working with electrical systems in machinery. This guide provides detailed diagrams and instructions for various power units and components, ensuring safe and effective wiring practices.

The following diagrams will be invaluable if you are installing, troubleshooting, or modifying these units.

January 9, 2024
eoh common power diagrams guide

POWER UNIT: M-3319 (M-319)

Push Button Pendant

The M-3319 model features a straightforward wiring setup for its push-button pendant. This setup is designed for easy control and includes standard power and control circuits connections. The diagram illustrates the wiring configuration, highlighting the connections between the push buttons and the power unit.

Toggle Switch

The toggle switch for the M-3319 is wired to provide simple on/off control. The diagram shows the electrical connections necessary to integrate the switch with the power unit, ensuring efficient operation and safety.

POWER UNIT: M-3530-2

Wiring Diagram

The M-3530-2 power unit wiring diagram displays a more complex circuit, accommodating additional features and controls. This diagram is crucial for understanding the flow of electricity through the unit and for ensuring proper connections during installation or troubleshooting.


Push Button Pendant

Similar to the M-3319, the M-3551 uses a push-button pendant for operation. The wiring diagram for this unit shows the specific layout and connections required for this model, detailing the circuitry for effective use.

Toggle Switch

The toggle switch wiring for the M-3551 is designed for user-friendly operation. The diagram clearly shows how the switch is integrated into the power unit’s electrical system.

LODAR Wiring Guide

The LODAR wiring guide is essential for wiring remote control systems in various machinery. It includes diagrams and instructions for standard and advanced setups, ensuring compatibility and efficiency in remote operation.

Single Acting Conversion

This section provides a comprehensive wiring guide for converting a double-acting system to a single-acting. The diagram and instructions detail the necessary changes and precautions to be taken during this conversion process.


Wiring Diagram

The wiring diagram for the M-3579 power unit presents a detailed view of its electrical system. This diagram is crucial for those installing or servicing the unit, as it provides a complete guide to the unit’s electrical configuration.


Wiring Diagram

The M-3593’s wiring diagram is designed for technicians and engineers who need to understand the electrical workings of this specific unit. It offers a detailed power unit’s circuitry layout, ensuring proper setup and maintenance.

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