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Commercial Duty Honda GX Series Engines

Honda Single Cylinder Engines

For years, the Honda Overhead Valve general purpose engine has been an industry standard for reliability and durability to thousands of people, on thousands of applications.

Honda industrial engines start easily, so you get to work quickly. They're also fuel efficient. In fact, our legendary OHV design is so efficient that we only had to make minor modifications to meet the current California and EPA emissions standards.

Honda V-Twin Cylinder Engines

These V-Twins are the result of Honda's advanced engineering and the application of over 10 years of proven Honda over-head valve technology. The OHV four-stroke design gives more power from a smaller package and lowers fuel consumption as compared to conventional side-valve engines.

Honda V-Twins offer powerful performance and meet current California Air Resources Board (CARB) and EPA emission standards. Honda industrial engines are produced in manufacturing facilities that are certified to ISO 9000 standards.

The advanced design of Honda's V-Twin engines give you more power when and where you need it.

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