Anfield Industries

Anfield Industries, Inc. offers a complete line of hydraulic gear pumps, valves, flow dividers, and hydraulic accessories. Anfield is a top-quality American manufacturer, based in Atlanta, GA. Northern Hydraulics is an inventory stocking distributor for Anfield hydraulic pumps including: Hi/Lo cast iron two-stage pumps, aluminum gear pumps, flow dividers, hydraulic valves, and more.

Established in 2013, Anfield Industries was initiated as an expansion of the Canadian switch, sensor, and transducer manufacturer, Anfield Sensors. This development was envisioned to broaden service areas to the United States and Mexico, offering an extensive range of hydraulic products for diverse industrial requirements.

The company’s extensive product range includes switches, sensors, transducers, motors, and additional hydraulic accessories, ensuring a broad array of options for various hydraulic needs. Despite the expansive offerings, Anfield Industries consistently emphasizes product quality and exceptional customer service. This focus underlines the sustained trust and partnership the company shares with various distributors and clients, showcasing its commitment to excellence and reliability in the hydraulic industry.

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