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Custom Hoists, Inc., founded in 1973, is a leading manufacturer of mobile hydraulic cylinders including single-acting and double-acting telescopic cylinders and single stage piston rod cylinders. We are a global supplier of hydraulic cylinders in applications such as: dump trucks, dump trailers, airline support/service equipment, off-highway equipment, refuse trucks, roll-off units, push-out ejector trailers, compactors, balers, mining equipment and many more.

We have three manufacturing facilities and carry inventory at five warehouse locations throughout the United States. We also have warehouse operations and service centers established in Germany, Portugal and China, all to service your immediate requirements. We can also provide your prototype or special cylinder requirements for production runs of one or more pieces.



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SKU: 5.53-3002-130
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6.38" cylinder tube; 2500 psi; 130.13 stroke (a); 56.25 closed (b); 186.38 extension (c)
SKU: 53-4592-72
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6 1/32" OD, 3 stage, 71.94 stroke
SKU: 6.54-3004-150
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7.29" cylinder tube; 2500 psi; 150 stroke (A); 52.12 closed (B); 202.12 extension (C)
SKU: 63-4402-84
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7 1/16" OD, 3 stage, 84.38" stroke
SKU: 73-4500-110
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8 1/8" OD, 3 stage, 7" moving stage, 108.93 stroke