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For over 70 years, Haldex Hydraulic Systems Division has been the worldwide leader in the design and development of hydraulic pumps, fluid motors and power units. Today, Haldex and Barnes continue to invest in the future by focusing on developing the next generation of hydraulic systems.

And, to meet the needs of the growing world market, Haldex has developed a broad-reaching organization with engineering, manufacturing, distribution, and customer service globally. Our website is structured to provide general product and company information on Haldex/Barnes hydraulic pumps and parts for our site visitors’ convenience.

Founded in Landskrona in 1887, Haldex’s legacy is steeped in innovative research and development that have consistently delivered cutting-edge technological vehicle solutions. Today, Haldex focuses on the burgeoning field of safety and the electrification of commercial vehicles, contributing to a more secure and efficient future for global transportation. This commitment is backed by a robust global network with operations in 19 countries, ensuring close proximity to customers and a comprehensive understanding of regional market needs. The company’s production facilities in Brazil, China, Hungary, India, Mexico, the United States, and Sweden further underscore its global footprint and dedication to optimizing service and lead times.

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1300483, 1300484, 1300485, 1012, bc003tsp, 1053, 1056, 1057, 1058, bc095, bc096, aphl8, bc097, bc098, aphl11, aphl13, aphl16, aphfl22, aphfl28

1300483 1300484 BC095 BC096 APHL8 1300485 BC097 BC098 1012 APHL11 BC003TSP 1053 APHL13 APHL16 1056 APHFL22 1057 APHFL28 1058


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