Hotstart Heaters



Since 1942, Kim Hotstart has been an industry leader in engine preheaters and accessories. The only business we are in is designing and manufacturing electric heaters for engines and related applications, such as fuel tanks and hydraulic power units.

We are an international company and supply electric heaters in any voltage from 12 volt DC to 600 volt, single or three phase, or 50 or 60 hertz. We successfully heat engines from 100 CID to very large engines that use as much as 2500 gallons of oil in the oil pan.

 Our 80,000 square foot modern facility in Spokane, Washington uses the latest technology to design, build and test electric heaters that are shipped worldwide to solve many heating problems.

Kim Hotstart solves the problems of our customers by working with them from the earliest stages of design through product test and field application testing.

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