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Monarch Hydraulics, Inc. Company History

The Monarch Hydraulics tradition began in 1856 when Joseph Jackoboice founded a precision sawmill and wood working machinery business in Grand Rapids, Michigan. The product line transitioned to road scrapers and plows in the 1930s followed by Monarch hydraulic pumps and valves in the 1940s.

The company remains family owned and today manufactures a vast range of Hydraulic Power Units, and Dyna-Lift® ergonomic systems.

Monarch's Hydraulic Systems and Dyna-Lift® divisions operate separately with divisional managers responsible for their own sales, marketing, engineering and manufacturing functions. Monarch's corporate management is committed to continuous improvement and provides each division with incentives, guidelines and oversight. All US locations are ISO 9001 certified.

In 2007 Monarch was acquisitioned by Bucher Hydraulics.  

   At Northern Hydraulics we stock a complete line of Monarch DC Hydraulic Pumps and Power Units.  Monarch DC Pumps are built and customized to meet your specific needs in reservoir material, size, flow, and voltage.  Because of these variations our pricing is not always shown. 

Please call store at 1-800-823-4937 and we can help you with the exact Bucher or Monarch Hydraulic pump specifications you are searching for.

Monarch power packs are used in a variety of applications, including: dump bed kits, dump trailers, auto hauler trailers, compactors, scissor lifts, security gates, lift gates, tow trucks, snow plows, hay bale spikes, handicap ramps/lifts, motorhome slideouts, custom projects, and much more! 

We stock replacement parts and accessories for both Monarch and Bucher Hydraulics. Our inventory includes an assortment of Monarch hydraulic parts such as breather caps, solenoids, cartridge valves and coils. We also stock corded and wireless remote controls for your Monarch and Bucher Hydraulic power units. In stock is a selection of hydraulic reservoir tanks to fit these power units, and they are offered in either poly or steel material and available in a variety of sizes and mounting options. 


View our Monarch Hydraulic Pump Catalogs below:

 Monarch DC Datalog

Monarch AC Catalog

Monarch Dyna-Lift

Monarch D03 Valves

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SKU: M-719
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Bucher/Monarch Pump Model M-719 Dyna-Jack Power Unit
SKU: M-721
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Bucher/Monarch Pump Model M-721 Dyna-chute Power Unit
SKU: K17757
12 Volt, DC, 3 Position, P Seal, ISO, Curved base
SKU: K17764
24 Volt, DC, 4 Position, P Seal, ISO, Curved base
SKU: 03240-3W120
Monarch Push Button Control 03240-3W120 with 10 foot, 3-wire cord.
SKU: 00455-D
Cartridge: 4 way, 2 position, #8 SAE, 1/2" stem
SKU: 07193-D
Cartridge: 2 way, 2 position, normally closed, #8 SAE, 1/2" stem
SKU: 00678-D
Coil: 10 Volt, DC, grounded coil, 1-wire, size 8
SKU: DC Power Units
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Please contact store or complete quote request to order a 12 V Monarch DC Power unit, as many options are available to customize product. See "more info" for complete list of DC power units available.
SKU: 17718
Monarch replacement push button control box 17718. 4 button hydraulic control.