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At Northern Hydraulics we stock a complete line of Monarch DC Hydraulic Pumps and Power Systems. Monarch DC Pumps are built and customized to meet your specific needs in reservoir material, size, flow, and voltage. Because of these variations our pricing is not always shown. Please call us at 1-800-823-4937 and we can help you with the exact hydraulic pump specifications you are searching for.

Monarch hydraulic DC power systems are used in a variety of applications, including: hydraulic dump bed kits, dump trailers, auto hauler trailers, compactors, scissor lifts, security gates, lift gates, tow trucks, snow plows, hay bale spikes, handicap ramps/lifts, motorhome slideouts, custom projects, and much more! 

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Frequently Asked Questions: Cylinders

Q. How to plumb in a single acting power unit to a double acting cylinder?

A You will need to add a vent to the top fitting or plumb top hose back to tank.

Q. What fluid does my power unit use?

A You will want to use ATF Dextron. If you are just topping off if the fluid is red use ATF Dextron and if it is clear or golden colored use AW 32.