Parker FEM Series Non-Spill Couplings

Ideal for applications in which spillage is a concern.  Push-to-connect locking mechanism.

S565-6 Quick Coupler S561-6 Quick Coupler

FEM-501-10BMS-NL FEM-502-10BMS FEM-501-10BMF-NL FEM-502-10BMF FEM-1001-16FP-NL FEM-1002-16FP

S56 Series General Purpose Quick Couplings

Ideal for maintenance equipment, skid steers, snow plows, dump trucks, gooseneck trailers, chemical transfer lines, and mining equipment.  ISO 7241-1 Series A Certified. 

S565-6 Quick Coupler S561-6 Quick Coupler

S565-3 S561-3 S565-4 S561-4 S565-6 S561-6 S565-8 S561-8

S10 Series Quick Couplers in Hardened Steel, Stainless Steel, and Brass

General purpose, double shut-off quick couplings capable of containing a variety of fluids including: water, steam, chemicals, and some gases.  These hydraulic quick couplers are widely used on both stationary and mobile equipment.  

S105-1 Quick Coupler S101-6 Quick Coupler

S105-1 S101-1 S105-2 S101-2 S105-3 S101-3 S105-4 S101-4 S105-6 S101-6 S105-8 S101-8

S20 Series Agricultural Quick Couplings: General Purpose, Double Shut-Off

This series is ideal for general purpose and agricultural replacement on snow plows, garden tractors, full size tractors, front-end loaders, skid steer loaders, earth moving, and mining equipment.

S25A-2 S41-2 S25-4 S71-4 S25-8P S21-8P

FF49 Series Non-Spill Flush Face Quick Couplings (Heavy Duty)

Ideal for hydraulic hand tools, overhead bucket hoists, skid steers, and any place spillage may constitute a safety hazard.  ISO 16028 Certified.

View: FF49 Series Couplers Brochure 

FF495-6-12 coupler FF491-6-12

FF495-3 FF491-3 FF495-3-8 FF491-3-8 FF495-3-1/2 FF491-3-1/2 FF495-6 FF491-6 FF495-6-12 FF491-6-12

S30 Series High Pressure, Thread to Connect Quick Couplings

Ideal for extreme high pressure applications including portable hydraulic jacks, hydraulic tools, wire pullers, and frame straightening equipment.

S35-2P Quick Coupler S31-3P Quick Coupler

S35-2P S31-2P S35-3P S31-3P

S51 Series Wing Style Quick Couplings

Ideal for use on wet-line kits on dump trailers, mobile drilling rigs, mining equipment, large mobile equipment, salt spreaders, and chemical transfer units.

Wing Coupler S515-8 Wing Coupler S511-6

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