Sample Hydraulic Systems

January 6, 2024
Sample Hydraulic system guide


The above system shows a front-end loader powered by a PTO-driven pump. A 2-spool directional control valve with built-in relief controls the lift and bucket cylinders of the loader. A return line filter is used to prevent contamination.


The diagram shows a winch powered by a hydraulic motor. The directional control valve with built-in relief features optional flow control to control winch coil speed. The hydraulic pump and motor must be matched to the torque requirements of the winch.

Log Splitter

A directional control valve with an optional pressure kick-out feature controls a double-acting cylinder. A pressure gauge is recommended to help spot potential system problems. The tank should be at least one and a half times the pump gpm output, and the oil level must always remain above the pump intake.

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