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Single-Acting Telescopic Cylinders

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Custom Hoists Single-Acting Telescopic Cylinders 

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Single Acting Telescopic Cylinders: 2500 Series

  • Self-bleeding Design
  • Chrome plated smallest plunger with self-aligning bearing
  • Dual-lip wipers prevent contamination entry
  • Weighs less than most similar cylinders 
  • 2755 PSI operating pressure
  • State of the art U-Cups
  • Fits a variety of dump bodies and trailers

Custom Hoists 3000 Series Cylinders image

Single Acting Telescopic Cylinders: 3000 Series

  • 3000 Series has up to 23% more lifting capacity and more stability in the critical last plunger
  • Chrome-plated plungers standard; optional nitrided plungers
  • Oscillating trunnion collar reduces side loading
  • O.D. sealed with state of the art U-cups
  • Fits a variety of dump body applications

custom hoists   4000 cylinder image

Single Acting Telescopic Cylinders: 4000 Series

  • Self-Bleeding Design
  • Pre-loaded v-packing with self adjusting wave spring energizer, maintains continuous force on the packing
  • Threaded Headnuts for added strength and field seal adjustment
  • Longer Bearing Length for stability

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