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Stanley Hydraulic Railroad Tools

 Stanley Hydraulic Railroad Tools

Northern Hydraulics located in Great Falls, MT is a Stanley Authorized Repair Center and Distributor
for Hydraulic Railroad Tools and Equipment.

Stanley Hydraulic Tools offers the most complete line of hydraulic railroad tools and equipment in the world. The division manufactures more than 90 hand-held hydraulic tools, which are used worldwide by contractors, utilities, railroads, and public works departments. These tools can be powered by most mobile hydraulic platforms or Stanley’s line of power units.

The division produces a complete line of mounted demolition hammers, compactors, and hydraulic repair tools. Mounted products are designed to work on skid steer loaders, mini-excavators, backhoes, and large excavators.

       Northern Hydraulics is a nationwide distributor of Stanley Railroad Track Maintenance Tools and Equipment. We supply mounted breakers, compactors, and handheld hydraulic tools. Railroad maintenance equipment includes: spike pullers/drivers, tie tampers, impact wrenches/drills, track jacks, rail drills/saws and so much more!  Replacement/repair parts available for Stanley Hydraulic Tools.  

Please call 1-800-823-4937 for order information.

Stanley hydraulic tools and equipment for railroad maintenance:

Stanley Spike Puller

Spike Puller



Stanley Impact Drill

Braze Unit



Stanley Impact Wrench

Impact Wrench




Stanley Trac Horse

Trac Horse




Stanley Horizontal Grinder

Horizontal Grinder




Stanley Hydraulic Rail Saws

Hydraulic Rail Saws




Stanley Rail Jacks

Rail Jacks



Profile Grinder




Post Pounder




Tie Tamper




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Stanley Braze Unit
Stanley Braze Unit BG10100
Stanley Braze Unit BG10101
Stanley Braze Unit BG20200
Stanley Braze Unit BG20600
Stanley Braze Unit EP30200
Stanley Braze Unit EP30250
Stanley Braze Unit EP30K110
Stanley Braze Unit EP30K12110
Stanley Braze Unit EP70200
Stanley Braze Unit EPX10340
Stanley Braze Unit EPX10K36110
Stanley CS05610 Chain Saw
Stanley CS05620 Chain Saw
Stanley CS0562006 Chain Saw
Stanley CS06610 Chain Saw
Stanley CS06620 Chain Saw
Stanley CS06630 Chain Saw
Stanley CS06630 Chain Saw
Stanley CS25/CS28 Chain Saw
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Stanley CS25112P Chain Saw
Stanley CS25811 Chain Saw
Stanley CS2581106 Chain Saw
Stanley CS25812 Chain Saw
Stanley CS28811 Chain Saw
Stanley CS28812 Chain Saw
Stanley DL0755201 Drill
Stanley DL07552S Drill
Stanley DL07572S Drill
Stanley EA08102A Earth Auger
Stanley Environmental Padlocks
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Stanley FG10110 Frog Grinder
Stanley GR60121S Cupstone Grinder
Stanley HGL61 Grinder
Stanley HGL80
Stanley HGL80-L Grinder
Stanley HGL80-LN Grinder
Stanley HGL80-N Grinder
Stanley HGL81 Grinder
Stanley HGL81-L Grinder
Stanley HGL81-N Grinder
Stanley HP28B02
Stanley HP8 Power Unit
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Stanley HP8BA Power Unit
Stanley HP8BD Power Unit
Stanley Hydraulic Rail Saw: RS25103
Stanley Impact Drill, ID07810
Stanley Impact Drill, ID07815
Stanley Impact Drill, ID07820
Stanley Impact Drill, ID0782001
Stanley Impact Drill, ID07830
Stanley IW12140 Impact Wrench
Stanley IW1214001 Impact Wrench
Stanley IW16150 Impact Wrench
Stanley IW16150S Impact Wrench
Stanley PG05110 Profile Grinder
Stanley PG10110 Profile Grinder
Stanley PG1011001 Profile Grinder
Stanley Post Pounder: PD45131
Stanley Post Pounder: PD45132
Stanley Post Pounder: PD45132G
Stanley Post Pounder: PD45151
Stanley Rail Jack, TJ12111S
Stanley Rail Jack, TJ12112S
Stanley RD12101 Rail Drill
Stanley RD12101K Rail Drill
Stanley RD12101KB Rail Drill
Stanley RD12101N Rail Drill
Stanley Spike Pullers: SPL31A, SPL31AS, SPl31AN
Stanley TP0300301 Trash Pump
Stanley TP08013 Trash Pump
Stanley TP08013B Trash Pump
Stanley TracHorse: MHP32232100, MHP32242100, MHP32342100
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Stanley TT46133 Tie Tamper
Stanley TT46233 Tie Tamper
Stanley WS1022001A Weld Shear
Stanley WS102200A Weld Shear
Stanley WS10220AA Weld Shear