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Stanley Hydraulic Wrenches and Drills


The Stanley DL07 Hydraulic Drill is a 1/2 inch capacity drill for drilling in wood, metal, or masonry.


The Stanley HD01 Hammer Drill is a rotary, percussion tool for drilling in rock, concrete, or masonry using 1/4 to 1 inch SDS Plus type bits. The HD01 can also be used for drilling in wood or steel by turning percussion off and installing an optional chuck adapter.


The Stanley HD45 Hammer Drill is a rotary, percussion tool for drilling in concrete, masonry, or asphalt using 736 Skil hex bits


Stanley’s Hydraulic Impact Wrenches are world-renowned for their adjustable impact intensity settings allowing for a wide range of uses. The rugged design incorporates an integral motor and heavy-duty mechanism for the rigors of track maintenance use. The power-to-weight ratio of these products is unmatched by any impact wrench on the market in their class.


The SK47 and SK58 line of hydraulic sinker drills are designed for blast hole drilling, leak detection for gas utilities, and dowel hole drilling. Sinker drills use either air or water flushing (model dependent) to clear holes of debris. All models feature a feathering trigger for easy starts and are adjustable from 0 to 300 rpm. The SK47 is capable of drilling holes 2 inches in diameter and 10 feet deep. The SK58 is capable of drilling up to 3-inch hole diameters up to 20 feet deep.

Browse a variety of wrenches and tools from sinkers, hammers, cores, and more styles. Northern Hydraulics is your trusted source for all hydraulic components.

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