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Pierce Winches

Pierce winches for sale at Northern Hydraulics

At Northern Hydraulics we feature a complete line of Industrial Winches and Hydraulic Winches for sale that are manufactured by Pierce Arrow Inc. and proudly manufactured in the USA.  

From off-road recreation and vehicle recovery, to use in oil field production or the agricultural industries, Pierce winches are used in applications all over the world.  

Pierce winch repair/replacement parts available.   

Please contact store at 1-800-823-4937.  

We are your full line Pierce Winch Distributor!

Electric Winches

Planetary Electric Planetary Pierce Winch
  • PS4000 Pierce 4,000 lb Recovery Winch
  • PS6000 Pierce 6,000 lb Recovery Winch
  • PS9000 Pierce 9,000 lb Recovery Winch
  • PS12000 Pierce 12,000 lb Recovery Winch
  • PS20000 Pierce 20,000 lb Recovery Winch
Wormgear Pierce Winch 110V
  • PS654-8EK Pierce 7,500 lb Worm Gear Winch - 8" drum
  • PS654-11EK Pierce 7,500 lb Worm Gear Winch - 11" drum
  • PS654-8EMK Pierce 11,000 lb Worm Gear Winch - 8" drum
  • PS654-11EMK Pierce 11,000 lb Worm Gear Winch - 11" drum

Hydraulic Winches
Planetary Pierce Planetary Hydraulic Winch
  • PSHV10000 Pierce 10,000 lb Planetary Gear Winch
  • PSHV15000 Pierce 15,000 lb Planetary Gear Winch
  • PSHV18000 Pierce 18,000 lb Planetary Gear Winch
  • PSHV20000 Pierce 20,000 lb Planetary Gear Winch
Wormgear Pierce Wormgear Winch image
  • PSW654-8HK Pierce 9,000lb Worm Gear Winch - 8" drum
  • PSW654-11HK Pierce 9.000 lb Worm Gear Winch - 11" drum


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