White Motors


White Motors

Since 1977, White Hydraulics tops the list as the world's largest independent manufacturer of low speed high torque hydraulics motors.  White Hydraulic Motors are available in a variety of configurations with speed up to 1871 RPM, flows up to 60 GPM, pressures up to 4500 PSI, and torques up to 29,580 lbs.  

Please call store at 1-800-823-4937 and we can help you configure the White Motor specifications to fit your needs.

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SKU: 500540A
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White RE Motor: 2000 PSI, 20 GPM
SKU: 500540A5123
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White 6 Bolt, 14 Tooth, #14 Ports
SKU: 500540W
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White Setback 14 Tooth, #14 Ports
SKU: 200080F3053ZAAAA
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4-Hole, Square Mount, Aligned Ports, 1/2-14 NPT