In the arena of power transmission components, Lovejoy stands as a paragon of global excellence. Founded over a century ago, we’ve etched our legacy as the pioneering creators of the industry-standard Jaw-style coupling in 1927, continually steering innovation and superior performance.

Lovejoy Legacy:

  • Lovejoy’s heritage is rich with groundbreaking solutions, such as introducing rubber-in-compression for power transmission, reflecting our unwavering commitment to industry advancement.
  • Over the decades, strategic acquisitions, like Curtis Universal Joints in 2016, and global expansions into Canada and Europe, have amplified our offerings and reach.

Lovejoy’s Product Offering:

  • Lovejoy’s diverse product suite includes a robust range of couplings: QUICK FLEX®, Curved Jaw, Jaw In-Shear, S-Flex Endurance®, HercuFlex® Gear, Torsional, and Disc style couplings, resonating with unmatched quality and reliability.
  • We also offer an extensive lineup of other power transmission components including variable speed drives, tensioning devices, universal joints, motor bases, and sheaves, ensuring a comprehensive, one-stop solution for all power transmission needs.

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