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Mitsubishi Industrial

Mitsubishi Industrial Engines 

Please contact store for specifications on products available from the following series:

  • L Series (L2E and L3E)
  • S3L Series ( S3L and S3L2)
  • S4L Series ( S4L and S4L2)
  • S4S Series (S4S and S4S-DT)
  • SB Series (S6B, S6B-2, and S6B3)
  • SA/SH Series (S6A3, S12A2, and S12H)
  • SR Series (S6R, S6R2, S12R, S12R2, S16R, and S16R2)
  • Air to Air Series (S6A3, S6R2, S12 R and S16R)
  • SU Series (S6U, S6U2, S8U, S12U, and S16U)


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Mitsubishi Industrial Engines
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