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Two Stage Hydraulic Pumps

Two Stage Hydraulic Gear Pumps

Northern Hydraulics offers a full line of 2-stage hydraulic pumps for log splitters, compactors, and press-type applications. Haldex/Concentric pumps have a cast iron gear housing and are available in flows ranging from 9 GPM to 28 GPM. These 2-stage hydraulic pumps are designed for heavy-duty use and long cycle times. The Haldex brand assures you are getting top-quality, high-performing products. Northern Hydraulics replacement pumps also have a cast iron gear housing and are available in flows ranging from 5 GPM to 28 GPM. These log splitter hydraulic pumps are ideal for the recreational wood splitter user, as they are still a quality product, but offered at a much lower price point.

Two Stage Pumps Two Stage Pump Image

  Check out our handy chart utilizing your engine's HP to determine which 2-stage hydraulic pump you will need. We also carry a full line of log splitter hydraulic cylinders

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1300483, 1300484, 1300485, 1012, bc003tsp, 1053, 1056, 1057, 1058, bc095, bc096, aphl8, bc097, bc098, aphl11, aphl13, aphl16, aphfl22, aphfl28 1300483 1300484 BC095 BC096 APHL8 1300485 BC097 BC098 1012 APHL11 BC003TSP 1053 APHL13 APHL16 1056 APHFL22 1057 APHFL28 1058

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